Again: Surviving Cancer Twice with Love and Lists, a Memoir is forthcoming from Köehler Books on October 24, 2020.

Almost 40% of women and men will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetimes—Christine Shields Corrigan has been part of those statistics twice. With a frank, witty, and down-to-earth voice, Chris invites us to follow her parallel cancer journeys as teen and adult, her desperate desire for normalcy, and gradual acceptance of the grace that comes from others’ help. Chris also offers practical guidance gained only from experience. An any woman’s story of resiliency and hope that life is possible beyond a diagnosis or even two, Again will appeal not only to those touched by cancer, but also to individuals faced with a life challenge who seek a path forward.

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Christine Shields Corrigan

I’m a writer, teacher, mom, wife, and two-time cancer survivor. I write about family, parenting, illness, and resilient survivorship.

My work has appeared in many places, including The Brevity Blog, Dreamer’s Creative Writing, Grown & Flown, The Potato Soup Journal, Purple Clover,, and Wildfire Magazine.

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On Trust’s Shore

When my family arrived at the beach this year, my two teenage boys ran to the surf. They didn’t hesitate as they dove through the curling waves. I wasn’t so bold. I meandered to the shoreline and let the waves lap my feet.  I waded in further. I watched the kids…

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A Reconstructed Life

Breast cancer causes profound loss and grief. We grieve the loss of our bodies. We grieve the loss of our feminine identity. We grieve the loss of friendships. We grieve the loss of the opportunity for motherhood, as many patients enter menopause prematurely…

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The Path To Success Doesn’t Always Mean A Four Year Degree

The end of the high school year is “senior packet” time. It’s the beginning of the insanely stressful college application process for the rising senior class of which my son is a part.

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